Diverse aims to provide social contact and activities for autistic people. It is run by and for people who are autistic and neurodiverse.

Diverse has two paid staff Marie Wastlund and Angharad (Harry) Jones. The chair of Trustees is Andrew Powell. The other Trustees are Frances McCloskey (finance) and Kay Robertson (human resources).

Diverse groups meet in public, accessible venues in BaNES, Bristol, North Somerset and South Glos. Diverse groups offer a relaxed, and friendly atmosphere where people can enjoy being with others and be themselves. No one is made to do anything that they are not comfortable with.

See Groups and Events pages for more details

  1. Social quiz evening - 2nd Tuesday of each month, Totos by the River bar.
  2. Walking groups.
  3. Diverse nightclub - DJ and bands night at basement45 nightclub last Tuesday of each month 7-10pm run by Marie.
  4. Cinema group run at Bristol Showcase cinema third Tuesday of the month run by Robert.
  5. Cinema group run at the Odeon in Bath, on the second Tuesday of the month run by Ambrose.
  6. Creative writers group - Bishopston Library run by Sally and Asha.
  7. Bristol arts and crafts group.
  8. Gaming group in Bristol at Belong (Tuesday afternoons)
  9. Pub group South Glos
  10. South Bristol football fun club.
  11. Diverse Bristol Tennis fun club.
  12. Outdoor photography Group.

Diverse is looking to expand and we have money to support you to develop your own groups or get involved in groups that already exist. If you want to know more either as a possible volunteer, group leader or just to attend some friendly low key social events please get in touch:


Diverse UK is a Charitable incorporated organisation, run by Trustees for its non- elected members and is independent of any other organisation. We are authorised and regulated by the Charity Commission, registered Charity number 1170255.

The group is voluntary and not for profit. We promote equality and anti discrimination practice as defined under the Equality Act 2010.

We use Groundrules for Diverse for our groups. Do have a look so you can be acquainted if you do attend one of the groups.

This photo is of Harry, Andrew and Marie. It was taken after the first successful gig event we ran at the Bristol Clifton Downs Festival in September 2019. We were very happy because several people who came along to see the band Madness said it was one of the few times they've ever been able to attend this sort of event, due to the support Diverse people offer each other.

I am not sure why I was wearing sunglasses at night... trying (and failing) to look cool perhaps?

Diverse staff sept 2019 Downs madness gig.png

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