Social Walking Group

The group meets regularly on the first Tuesday of each month, weather permitting.

We aim to meet up at approximately 11:45 AM for a 12 PM start

This activity is weather dependent. If heavy rain, ice or snow is forecast, it may be postponed, so please check the website for updates.

It is a leisurely, friendly, no pressure walk via a different local route each month, details of which can be found under the Events menu.

The walks are approximately 3 hours in duration, and if possible we always try to stop at a cafe or somewhere to get a hot drink either at the end or somewhere on route.

It is also advised to bring refreshments in case there is no cafe on route.

If you take part in walks please be responsible for your own health needs. We aim to make the walks wheelchair accessible, but will advise if that is not the case.

The walks are not strenuous but it is important that you feel physically able to complete the walk.

The group is run by Marie Wastlund - one of the Diverse Social Project Managers.

If you'd like to be a walk leader please get in touch! We are looking for volunteers to help Marie or take on the running of this group. There can be a small reimbursement for this job!

If you require a support person or any medication, please remember to bring this with you.

Let the walk leaders know if you start feeling unwell on a walk.

At the start of the walk we will take a register, just for health and safety.

Suggested things to wear or bring

Please note, hand sanitizer will not be provided.

  • Wellies or waterproof walking shoes with grip.
  • Waterproofs
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Face mask
  • A well charged mobile phone with Marie's mobile number saved - 07538 152626
  • Any medications needed
  • Refreshments, snacks, a packed lunch.

Upcoming group dates for your diary

  • Tuesday 2nd November 2021- Refer to Events page for details
  • Tuesday 7th December 2021 - Walk Route TBC
  • Tuesday 4th January 2022 - Cancelled
  • Tuesday 1st February 2022 - Walk Route TBC
  • Tuesday 1st March 2022 - Walk Route TBC
  • Tuesday 5th April 2022 - Walk Route TBC

If you wish to book a place, or for further information please call or email Marie

Mob: 07538 152 626

Email : Marie@diverseuk.org

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