Diverse Bristol D & D & Table Top Games Social

Diverse Bristol D&D and Table Top Games Social

We have an exciting new larger venue the Mana House!

The event takes place on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month

Location : The Mana House, 63 Union Street, Bristol BS1 2DU

Start Time: 6:00 PM

End Time: 10:00 PM

There are currently 4 to 5 DM’s who are :

  • Naomi
  • Dan
  • Kieran

Depending on whom is DM'ing and who are running 4 to 5 Campaigns / games

Please arrive before 6:30 pm if you want to join a campaign.

You will need to pay £5 to Marie in order to play.

The new venue has just been newly renovated and meets all of our needs and requirements. Please refer to the events page for more details.

It is much bigger, serves lots of different options of reasonably priced food and drinks.

As well as D&D, there is also creative activities like story writing, map drawing, character creation area and miniature figure painting will be at the front of the venue in the shop area.

The Diverse Bristol Dungeons & Dragons tabletop gaming evening is open to all levels from beginner to veteran player.

It’s a place to hang out, meet new people and get involved in some tabletop games and crafts.

Check the Diverse events page to see upcoming dates.

Arrival is from 6:00pm, but you are welcome to pop along any time during the evening that suits you. If you have arranged to play in a game, please do arrive by 6:30pm.

Please bring along your own miniature figures to paint.

𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝘁𝗼 𝗯𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴

You don’t need to bring any equipment, gaming supplies or books. We’ve got everything you need ready to go.

The venue also has miniatures that are hireable at a reasonable price.

Bring along a friend if they are interested in learning to play D&D, beginners and experienced players are all welcome!

Please bring £5 payment per person to play D&D to help cover costs of the group leader and DM’s

The Venue space is free to hire along with the facilities and games as long as purchases are made (as per the venue policy).

Food and drink are available to purchase including fast food, hot drinks, smoothies etc...

if you have any questions please email Marie at : Marie@diverseuk.org

**What is Dungeons and Dragons?**

Dungeons and Dragons is a very popular tabletop role-playing game, or **tabletop RPG** for short.

Tabletop RPGs involve a number of players taking on the roles of characters living in an imagined world that is described and run by a **game master**.

A game master describes the world, from elven cities to futuristic spaceships to Cthulhu horror, and the players in-turn describe how their characters act.

A game master might dramatically announce the arrival of a fearsome dragon, and the players each describe how they hide, run, fight, or whatever they would like to do in that situation.

Most RPGs have a system of dice-rolling to decide whether actions are successful or not.

Characters can have stats that make them better or worse at different skills, which can help or hinder them in their dice rolls.

There are hundreds of different tabletop RPGs, with different themes, rules and stories for you to try.

Upcoming dates for your diary

  • Tuesday 19th September - Please refer to the Events page for more details and to add to your calendar
  • Tuesday 3rd October
  • Tuesday 17th October
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