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Diverse is about autistic people developing groups, activities and social contact...


Diverse has been asked to run sensory calm spaces at a number of festivals this summer.

We need volunteers to come along and help people make use of the sensory calm space.

The sensory calm space is a tent with bean bags, soft lights, weighted blankets, ear defenders etc… to help people recharge if they become overwhelmed at a music event.

Use the jot form link if you wish to apply to be a volunteer. You get a free ticket to the festival and free meal tickets whilst at the festival.

Usually you have to do a couple of shifts but it is not too hard work and it can be lots of fun!

To get involved in this years festivals please go to our Sensor Calm Space page to find out more about volunteering and how to apply.

Exciting volunteer opportunity!!

Inclusive Change At Work CIC - Volunteer Mentor

Ways to get involved with Diverse:

  • Come along to one of our groups and meet other people on the autism spectrum
  • Volunteering to run a new or existing group
  • Helping out with the background organisation of a group eg newsletter, writing content for the webpages,
  • Volunteering at an accessible music festival (usually during June, July and August)
  • Being on our Steering Group to help us guide the organisation in an autism friendly way
  • Be an ideas person who comes up with new ways for autistic people to be happy and feel connected

What are the benefits for you of being a volunteer?

  • The opportunity to make a real positive difference to your own and other's lives.
  • The chance to support people so they can enjoy their interests.
  • Full training and induction.
  • Support and ongoing training.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses.


For larger groups we can pay group leaders a small amount, so get in touch

Contact for more information about getting involved! We look forward to hearing from you!

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