Other fun stuff

Click this link to find out about lots of autism related job opportunities and loads of free or cheap activities you might be interested in in North Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Bristol”.

Diverse has been asked to run sensory calm spaces at a number of festivals this summer. We need volunteers to come along and help people make use of the sensory calm space. The sensory calm space is a tent with bean bags, soft lights, weighted blankets, ear defenders etc… to help people recharge if they become overwhelmed at a music event. use the jot form link if you wish to apply to be a volunteer. You get a free ticket to the festival and free meal tickets whilst at the festival. Usually you have to do a couple of shifts but it is not too hard work and it can be lots of fun

To get involved in this years festivals please go to our Sensor Calm Space page to find out more about volunteering and how to apply.

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